CEO - Soulful Entrepreneur - Mentor - Assisting light leaders manifesting their highest purpose and allowing the soul expression to lead the way.

Embark on a transformational journey with Camilla Ma Ra and explore the hidden potential of the quantum wealth grid to expand your ability and capacity to receive, hold, and embody a new level of wealth and abundance.


Where others see limitations,

you will see possibilities…in every conversation, every circumstance, every person you meet. Where others feel stuck…in their day-to-day-life, their roles as CEOs, leaders, healers, partners, lovers, friends…

You will know that everything is energy in motion and holds a frequency.

Where others lean into masquerades and facades...

chasing the shiny and flashy titles, or hiding behind old stories, outsourcing their Divine Soul and expression, gaslighting themselves and others into a life of distraction, smallness, letting their ego drive their mission, their vision…

YOU will lead with raw, vulnerable, highest truth and love.

Beloved Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to a divine journey into Your inner True North and a new way of Life and Business.

This is a journey to align and anchor in...

  • Your soul

  • Your sovereignty

  • Your divine energy

  • Your tribe

  • Your mission

  • Your brand

  • Your unlimited abundance.

It is finding your unique way, in ease and grace, creating a life the way YOU WANT IT TO BE.

My name is Camilla Ma Ra and I'm a spiritual mentor, a serial entrepreneur, and a visionary leader of the New Era.

I am the founder of True North by Camilla Ma Ra International, a company dedicated to assisting people living from their Highest Purpose and creating a soul-led way of life and business, in whatever way that looks for them. It is about allowing one's soul expression to lead the way and weaving with the powerful magic of life and the Mastery of Divine Manifestation.

I offer you conscious leadership teachings and bring the sacred knowledge of divine manifestation for awakened souls to rise as leaders of the New Era.

Thank you my love,

so happy to connect with you! I can't wait to get to know you more.

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