become the new earth leader, who walks the path of the softest surrender, strong devotion, and a deep anchoring -

in your vision, your purpose, and your leadership?


You feel a mission moving through your bones. You know you are here to birth a movement, Lead with devotion, stewardship, and awakened leadership. You are here to be both evolutionary and revolutionary.

You are a visionary, a Sacred CEO. An activator, a leader, and a catalyst who knows that… You are here to live on purpose.

You are here to walk the path that leads you home to your soul, Where you are anchored in your sovereignty, Embodied in your Divinity, And revolutionizing the way you love, lead, parent, and create.

You’ve witnessed glimpses of what it means to be truly, madly, and irrevocably in love with life — where time knows no bounds and abundance exists… Where Divine alignment takes place… in each moment, each opportunity, each interaction.

You find yourself at the right place (at the right time). You attract the most luscious, exciting, expansive job opportunities, business collaborations, divine partnerships, and sacred friendships. You live each day as a powerful, devotional ceremony – to your Soul.

Still, despite these glimpses, despite the taste of blissful possibilities, you’ve ignored this call, And continue to feel stuck in the limitations and projections of this very earthly plane.

It is time now, time to RISE and to FULLY, TRULY Become WHO you Came to BE. To go All-In and lead your Life and Business with confidence, so that you can step up into World-Service.

Expand your ability and capacity ...

Unleash the spiritual and soulful essence of wealth and abundance. A spiritual journey where awakening and personal growth become the catalyst of abundance, where soul and spirituality fuel your journey into financial freedom.


When you work with Camilla Ma Ra, your heart and soul will be on fire and you will gain clarity on where you are called next.

You will be divinely supported in manifesting your next level of growth in every area of your LIFE.


CEO - Soulful Entrepreneur - Mentor - Assisting light leaders manifesting their highest purpose and allowing the soul expression to lead the way.


I Quantum leaped my business income with 7x in 40 days

"As I learn and embody the teachings from Camilla and her True North Leadership program my business income exploded and made a 7X quantum leap in 40 days. I learned to align my own frequency with the frequncy of my business mission, allowing the guidance of my spiritual guides with my business and to trust, my business income made a quantum leap. What I thought was impossible became very possible and true. I anchored it in as my new reality. It was all very Divine, and I was held and supported all the way. The teachings that Camilla offer is teachings of the new era. Forever grateful.”

- Birgitta Seraphima



Build an aligned business that supports you in showing up in service every day, in your own unique way.

A journey where your growth is continuous, clarity comes effortlessly, and your true potential is ignited like never before.


Release Self-Sabotage and Unleash the Boundless Power of Self-Love.

Transforming and releasing what blocks your true abundance and joy, allowing you to live in the fullness of your powerful, authentic self

A Digital Course.

Next Level Abundance & Wealth Frequency

A journey through a portal of wealth and abundance—a living, tangible reality.

It's about being humble, decoding, and mastering the language of everything that wants to flow through you. Tune in to the next layer of wealth and abundance that seeks expression through you.


"Thank you Camilla, you are a pure embodiment of Divine Love and Highest Consciousness, and your Energy always touches my Heart deeply"

- Thea

"I cannot tell you how thankful I feel for this work. It feels like Source guided me to reach out to you Camilla Ma Ra and open up to these teachings! It is the teaching we need for this time in order to embody the process of Ascension. Thank you from the deepest sinews of my being. There is a powerful feeling of embodiment present now, a connection, a clear, powerful flow of life-force energy and a much more embodied Kundalini flow. Wow...

- Karina

Beloved Beautiful Soul,

I'm inviting you to explore the infinite potential of your divine calling and uncover your own brilliance as you align to your inner compass, your inner true north, and find new ways to tread where no-one has gone before.

Wherever your journey is taking you, we walk together.

In Love,

Camilla Ma Ra

Thank you my love,

so happy to connect with you! I can't wait to get to know you more.

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